How is the procedure for orthodontics?

Orthodontics is an alternative treatment that can completely change the structure of the teeth. Can help people who have problems in chewing food and have a proper bite. To help people have a perfect well aligned structure for both upper and lower teeth. There are several type of braces, but they all have similar procedure.

1. Research about the advantage and disadvantage of getting braces. Read some information on orthodontic treatment.

2. Choose a reputable clinic near your house, because it will make it easier for you to come for your monthly check-ups.

3. Consultation day, the doctor will make a preliminary examination and assess if there is a need to do tooth extraction or not. At this stage, the doctor will arrange for you to get an x-ray and dental impression.

4. When you agreed to proceed with the treatment, teeth cleaning & scaling should be done first, then filling and check if there is a need for root canal treatment.

5. Then the dentist will put a rubber tooth splint to be worn for about 1 week.

6. On the next appointment the doctor will attach the brackets on to the teeth using adhesive cement tools.

7. The doctor will schedule one visit a month to change the rubber band. (In case of braces with rubber bands) and adjust the braces. The teeth will gradually moves about 1 mm per month.

8. While teeth have braces, it should always be cleaned by brushing every after meal and go to the dentist for scaling to remove plaque. Every 6 months.

9. The doctor will take care of the structure of our teeth until teeth are in the proper position. The doctor will then remove the braces, then clean the teeth, scrape the limestone and take an impression to make retainers. This is a device to prevent the teeth from shifting back to the original position. This should be worn for as long as the dentist advice to do so.

It is a long time procedure and will require a lot of money and many trips to the dentist.