Is Orthodontics a cosmetic surgery? This is another commonly asked question because most people who have had braces their face structure change, it becomes smaller and narrower. But the reality is, when teeth is well aligned and in proper position, it helps change the shape of the face in a good way, but not everyone has the same effect, some do not have dramatically changes in the shape of their face, it all depends on their face structure. So here are some cases where the shape of the face changes.

-People with extended or protruding jaws (obviously visible) will make the structure of the face look smaller after braces.

-People who have problems on their bottom teeth the chin juts out making it look larger and causing what is often called a “moon face.” When the problem is corrected with the aid of braces, the overall features of the face soften.

-People who have gaps on their teeth or crowding, when put to their proper position it will also make the face look slender.

-People who have their braces at the age of 10 to 14 have a better result in achieving the right facial structure because this is the time the body starts to develop, the body is easier to adapt.

-Braces can also make it difficult to chew therefore patient will eat less hard-to-chew food, therefore the jaw does not develop muscles, making the face more slender. Braces also decrease appetite, therefore some people lose weight as a result and alter their appearance in a good way. Therefore, although braces do not include cosmetic surgery, it can improve the aesthetic appearance of the face, but this depends on the original facial structure, and jaw size prior to brace installation.