Removable Denture

Removable Denture

Removable Denture

The removable denture is an artificial teeth created to fulfill your missing teeth which has been in use for a long time by your grandmother or grandfather before. Removable denture can help you to get a gorgeous smile back again.

The denture may be removable or rely upon bonding or dental implants. Sometimes to enable clasp retention, the combination of some dental crowns or others attachments with the present teeth may be needed.

Full Set Denture Solution

FULL SET denture will serve one who has lost all of one’s natural teeth with the natural appearance like their original and with efficient functioning as well. So it also serves as a solution to recover the loss of self confidence.

Partial Denture Solution

Partial Denture helps prevent the movement of remaining teeth, and it can be either fixed or removable.


Over-denture will improve the bite ability and give you the better facial contour. It is supported by implants and you will be able to remove and reinsert the denture by yourself.

Now as the technology has developed the denture to be more aesthetic recovering of natural appearance can be achieved. The aesthetic denture can bring comfort and give the look not different from natural teeth. The condition of tissue and bone structure in oral cavity, shape and size of mouth, all are the main factors for comfortable denture which now can be customized by the present developed technology.

Pleasing appearance, natural feeling, and well functioning can be achieved at the same time.