Dental Crown

Dental Crown

Dental Crowns

If most of the surfaces of any tooth are not in good condition, Dental crown might be the restoration of choice. Dental crown will cover the entire visible surfaces of your tooth to replace the decay, damaged, affected, or cracked surfaces and moreover the crown can be used as an anchor for the bridge to replace a missing a tooth. Dental crown will cover the whole affected areas and make up a new surface for your tooth where the dental filling will be filled into only a part or some parts of the tooth.

If your tooth was decayed or damaged, it can also affect the adjacent or neighbor teeth too. Dental crown will help you to rebuild the tooth up again and thus the aesthetic and the ability in chewing and speaking will be recovered. Dental crown can be made from porcelain, gold, acrylic, resin or mix of those materials but porcelain is the material with the appearance and feeling resembling most to your natural tooth.

The dentist can tell you where the risk area to get affected is. When you decide to make a dental crown, the dentist will prepare the tooth into a proper shape first and get the tooth impression then forward it to dental laboratory to create the permanent crown, which normally will take about 5 to 7 days.

Because the permanent crown will have to stay with you for a long lasting period, the dentist will have to pay a lot of attention to every details such as bite and jaw movement and the sculpture, that’s why it have to be made in the laboratory. This process has to be done indirectly by the dental technician outside your mouth so that’s the reason you will have to wait.

Under the creation process for making the permanent crown in the laboratory, the temporary crown will be placed on the tooth or a flipper, a fake tooth which connected to your mouth roof by wire or piece of plastic, may be chosen.