The first set of teeth is called teeth. This grow beginning at about 6 months until the age of about 5-6 years old. By the age of 6-7, the front teeth will begin to loosen and gradually fall off by itself. But for some teeth that develops tooth decay at an early age, tooth loss prematurely occur, and for some only the crown part has fallen off but the root is still in the gums, which will affect the growth of the permanent teeth. Here are some effects of premature tooth loss:

1. Children will not be able to chew well, therefore they eat less and will not get enough nutrients needed for growth.
2. A need to make a temporary crown.
3. Premature tooth loss and extraction of roots will affect jaw bone growth.
4. It can affect the shape of the tooth in the future, such as teeth overlapping teeth.

There are several ways to fix this. When we see the baby tooth’s growth abnormalities, we should take the child to the dentist immediately. These are signs of failing baby teeth.

1. If there is a black or tooth decay, but no pain, the dentist must put filling as soon as possible.
2. If the child has tooth decay and toothache also, must have it checked by dentist immediately.
3. If there is cavity, pain, swelling, redness, tooth decay and no longer save the tooth, the dentist needs to be remove it.

It is important for baby teeth to remain healthy, because it is a good foundation of the permanent teeth. Teeth preservation is better than fixing damaged ones, so it is best to take your children to visit the dentist regularly as early as possible to avoid unnecessary worry.